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The World Became a Bigger Place

The World Became a Bigger Place published on No Comments on The World Became a Bigger Place

And so, here’s another little colour portrait for this month, sponsored by the good folks over at Patreon!

Gouache on Wood, text drawn separately on paper and then I combined both with the powers of computers, because let it be said I am embracing modernity. When it’s more efficient.

Hmmm. Sweet efficiency, how I love you.

Website updates

Website updates published on No Comments on Website updates

Ever since the big server move the site has been a bit rocky, some complaints have been tended too: the picture size of the comic is now properly set, hooray!
The character page and the archive are prepared- but not online as of now, as they aren’t fully coded yet. As soon as they are they’ll be up.

As a sort of makeshift archive I’d recommend using my Deviantart:
It’s a bit messy, I apologize for that. >.< But at least you can browse more at once.

Deviantart is also where you'll find IMEW:
The comic isn't up again yet, so the links in our crossover episode do not work as of present.

I apologize about the inconveniences. Love you all.