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Pumpkins! published on 5 Comments on Pumpkins!

And I’m back and we’re ready to go and continue work on Addictive Science, which has now reached 1500 pages! Good reading, guys!
Through the comments it has appeared several pages didn’t appear on Safari browsers, the culprits are the Pumpkindämmerung shorts:

Pumpkindaemmerung 1

I have changed the name to Pumpkindaemmerung as the funny German letter seems to be what caused the commotion, if you are one of the Safari users concerned, I would like to know if it now works. Please leave a comment.
Thank you!

On a side note, the Wikifur entry is up, and it’s here:
It was written by mrAmp, who did such a great job that this is now the official summary of Addictive Science. I won’t bother writing one, he did the perfect one.

The TVtropes page has also been worked on a bit as it seems:
I bet there are still quite a few tropes left to add (Nightmare Face comes to mind…) though!