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  • codebracker

    So it’s a reverse boy who cried Wolf?

  • Shas’ui

    *MIB HQ*

    Agent Smith: Phone Operator “We believe you. Help is on the way. hangs up phone
    Agent Smyth: The Rookie “What was that about?”
    Smith: “Couple of civilians calling in a trio of 22-S/P:S-P/U-E/M ‘s near the Pichon residence.”
    Smyth: “22-S/P:S-P/U-E/M? refers to handbook UFO…flips page Shape is a Pyramid, subtype Square… flips page Propulsion is Unknown… flips page Exterior is… There’s nothing listed under ‘M’?”
    Smith: “Exterior is stone, so they’ve gone for M for Masonry, S was already taken; it’ll be in the next revision. Can you get with Agent Smith, tell her to prep the helicarriers?”
    Smyth: “Can do. So… are most days like this?”
    Smith: “No, it’s been quite slow today, normally have at least a dozen calls by now. Can you pick up some coffee while you’re out?”

  • Shadowkey392

    Stargate is awesome!