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  • Alex Dixon


  • Cameron Harrison

    I wanna be where that cat is right now! Between that hotties sweet ample bosom!!

  • Dragoncat

    Love Nekonny’s facial expressions!
    He sees the humongous weapon she’s carrying, and he’s all “Say WHAT?!?”
    Then he overhears the lizards, and he’s “Say what…?”

  • Maximo806

    Itty bitty kitty inside the big titties of that big ol kitty!

    • Kaeto

      She’s a canine not a feline.

      • Maximo806

        huh she’s a mutt? damn.

  • Cory Tenorio

    She ended up becoming too dangerous to live. No surprise there.

    • Shadowkey392

      Sounds more like her usefulness to them is nearly over to me, what with the whole “don’t worry about it. After all this is over she’s as good as dead anyways” line.

  • Dakota Miyamoto

    She’s gonna waste them, I Can see it

    • Kaeto

      She’ll have to if she wants to live.

      • Dakota Miyamoto

        Well yeah, but I mean like she was gonna do it like it was an average Tuesday

  • MrAMP

    Why do I get the feeling she’s going to end up dead after this job is over?

    • Shadowkey392

      Why do I get the feeling that THEY’RE gonna end up dead when this is over? I don’t see her dying any time soon. She’s got “main character” written all over her.

  • WhiteFang59

    5 to 1 says she already knows that they plan to kill her after the job so she will have a surprise waiting for them and it ain’t a kitty

  • kielbasa Sassy

    man that kitten is so lucky XD

  • kielbasa Sassy

    Wish i was the kitten right now ^^

  • Once you’re doing Crime with a group there is no such thing as out only dead

  • Waterfan2

    I think the tunnel of love (and spiders) should be in every carnival. It has something for everyone!