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  • codebracker

    Omg the laughing coyote face gets me every time

    • DarkMyste

      Code there no coyote in the group…. it’s cat,shark and foxes, but I understand what you mean on the coyote faces

  • DarkMyste

    Oh no, it was to much swaying and rocking and the run away shopping cart that they finally all cracked

    • darkprincerazor

      I think our fox sisters were already cracked, I mean they are mad.
      Our protagonists, well it was a long time in coming

      • DarkMyste

        Well there’s mad and then there lunatic mad scientist that what I think there cracked little more this may drive the foxes sisters over the edge… if there is even a edge to which they can even fall mentally over that is

  • Lucius Appaloosius

    “Pardon me, but I think this is all getting rather too silly…”

    “Too silly, too silly; quite agree. Get some discipline into those chaps, Sgt.-Major!” 7@=Q