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  • NixieSeal

    Awwww. Don’t worry, I think you’re good engineers!

  • warbrand2

    well they where blimps, and they are not that hard to understand.

    • Garanox

      I do not think anyone can so easily deduct how to properly build a blimp let alone driving one with aerophysic and all o_o

      • warbrand2

        its just a lighter then air gas in a balloon, the control is similar to that a of boat but you also have to worry about buoyancy for up and down.

      • DarkMyste

        It’s 2 fans and a balloon with weighs tied to wires and pulley system, how easy is that to reverse engineer their tech, I am going by simplest means of making things not going in to high technology etc

  • zophah

    We are talking about crabs that were able to fortify an entire floating island with naval cannons and walls…