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  • Toxiity

    Twilight sparkle cutie mark *-*

  • Raze

    what species is the woman in the van and what accent is that?

    • Christa Crisp

      A horrible attempt at Maine? Chicago? Brooklyn? NYC?! I honestly can’t tell!! ;-]
      – it not foreign, is it?!

  • NixieSeal

    That last panel! She is SO SMUG! oh my gosh, I love it. XD

    • darkprincerazor

      That was my thought too.
      I keep looking at it and it seems she gets smugger each time.

  • John Walker

    The way she’s standing up, and the hint about other things on her mind? new parent. Gotta be,

  • Second Son

    I want to see Lukas’s secret stash of teas.