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Hyatus due to ADVENTURE

Hyatus due to ADVENTURE published on No Comments on Hyatus due to ADVENTURE

So in a rather surprising turn of events I happened to get the possibility of partaking in a travel to Japan, which of course I had to accept because this is a great opportunity and goddamn awesome.
I will leave in a few days and will be back the 30th August, athough I think the jetlag will mean I will need a few days to get back in the groove- so expect another week without further comic updates.
So Addictive Science will be in Hyatus for about 20 days from now on, but rest assured it shall come back in a fire of blazing glory.
In the meantime I have set everything up so that last year’s travel logs will be uploaded daily on my Deviantart, so head there for great adventure:

I want to thank my Patreon supporters too in the meantime, here they are!
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See you soon!