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Mini-holiday, streaming times

Mini-holiday, streaming times published on No Comments on Mini-holiday, streaming times

I shall, this wednesday, take a short vacation- this time, it is I who will travel and see stuff!
I’ll be back by sunday, at which point I want to get the next Addictive Science rolling- yes, unfortunately, once again there’ll be a short hyatus. I don’t intend on making a habit on it, but traveling does provide me with much inspiration.

I’ll probably be too tired to do a sketch drive stream this sunday, as we’ll leave very early in the morning by car, a mode of transportation that always drains me of all of my energy. That means the two last sundays of the month (21st and 28th will see the sketch drive streams happen.

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She made reiko bleed?!? Impossible!!!

No let em pop out!!

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