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  • Max West

    Plenty of fanservice here. 🙂

  • alex_longfur

    Subject change much?

  • Cory Tenorio


  • oh geez what a way to “sing” your motives with ease XD
    also who’s the saucy looking “partner” getting the ear treatment just now?

    • Facade Kitsune

      introduced (kind of) on page 3 Aj Leigh sharp shot expert codename: Loose Cannon

  • BigBadWolf

    Hafta love a Hayter in a game like that lol! (Hayter=Hater=H8R)

  • Facade Kitsune

    well if it isn’t Aj “Loose Cannon” Leigh what is she up to other than trouble

  • miafillene

    *LOL* Loving it. 🙂

  • Slasheredge

    Wow, and as said before ouch

  • Shadowkey392

    Wow. Wonder where this will go.

  • Radar

    ear grab for the win