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So there are quite a few things that happened! I went to Japan, fell ill when I came back, got better, and am finally properly back in business. That means I’m opened for commissions, of course. But there are other things: the webcomic project with cubist and darkwing dork is now running officially! Here it be: It’s all about people coping with a case of sudden centaurism. And then stuff happens. It’s more anchored in reality than Addictive Science I’d say, with more satire and more direct references to where the action takes place. Also it has cameos. Anyway, you might want to go check it out. Currently my Youtube is a bit dormant, I do fully intend to make some videos again soon. Meanwhile, I’d like to thank all my Patrons, and here they are, in no particular order: whiskeyfur David Scott Thomas B (Apollo) Rose Schwartz Darkwing Dude yehti Dominique Dubois Ezekiel Kingsbury Mark Phaedrus Nick Cottone Bushmaster martin Roidh Myndert Papenhuyzen Shodow Crissa Kentavr Kelly Price teeto911 Alexander Wheeler Nukonookee Cyber620 Nixie Seal Matthew Goebel Reilos Chris Johnson