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Mini-Hyatus, Patreon

Mini-Hyatus, Patreon published on 4 Comments on Mini-Hyatus, Patreon

Right! I have to help someone move over for the week-end, and it will take three days as it’s a bit far. (For EU standarts. For north-Americans it’s about as far as the next supermarket or whatever.)

I have already started inking the next short, so do not worry, it will come to be!

Other than that I want to tahnk everybody who contributed to my Patreon. You guys have essentially financed all the ink of the comics with just last month’s contribution, and that’s great!

So here are all the contributors:
Reilos (whose name would sound like Raeelohs in German)
Ezekiel Kingsbury (who has the bestest name)
Dominique Dubois (who has the frenchest name)
NukuNookee (Who has the the japanesest name)
Matthew Goebel (who has a very unfortunate namesake in German History)
Bushmaster (who masters bushes)
Myndert Papenhuyzen (whose name I had to look at the most to write it down)
Nixie Seal (who is doing Anthronauts on Katbox! Go read it now! It has mad Science and SPACE and aliens.)