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Stuffy stuff of stuff

Stuffy stuff of stuff published on 5 Comments on Stuffy stuff of stuff
Right, first off, I kinda missed an updated, this is now corrected and here it is:
Shapeshift 1
Other than that, there’s a TVtropes page, which is much yay! Here it is: Less yay is that it could need a bit of work, so I encourage any tropers amongst you to go off and add stuff and have fun. I’m a big fan of TVtropes, but it feels like cheating to edit a page about your own comic.
  • MrAMP

    Yeah…I figured that Art isn’t one of those types that’s going to lie down, unlike Jill whenever she made her outburst way back when.

  • LifeWulf

    Oh shazbot. What’d they do to Art’s sis?!

  • KLiCK

    One has to wonder what the whole purpose of this organization is…

  • JohnZScott

    Holy crap… Art has a temper! He has a right to be angry… I’m sure being “decommissioned” isn’t a good thing, but Lina seems like a tough lady, so I hope she’ll be okay. I’m glad to see Jill reunited with Pete, and so is Jill for that matter.